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With the Western Kingdom in the midst of a growing, civil war, the woodcutter has been brought to the palace in Kingstown to oversee the building of his newly-designed fleet of Wave Breaker ships. The plan is to defeat the pirate leader, Scar, who has all but decimated the King's navy and cut off vital trading routes from the Eastern and Southern kingdoms. Grace, who is soon to give birth to her twins, is now sensing an unnatural illness in her unborn son that she cannot heal or comprehend, which will prove fatal if not treated soon. Meanwhile, her children are aboard their grandfather's ship, sailing to the Crimson Isle, on a quest set forth by the Water Fairy. This journey will take Shyla from the Unknown Waters in the south, to the far, northern reaches of the Frozen Lands, with the fate of all that she loves resting on her shoulders. As she struggles to control the unbound magic within her, she must also attempt to stop the Dark Child from breaking the very balance itself.

About the Author

Lorn Wolf was born in 1963, in Northern British Columbia, Canada, where he spent his childhood adventuring around his parents’ thousand-acre horse ranch. His imagination was first sparked by the bedtime stories his mother would tell him, and then, at age ten, his schoolteacher read to the class, The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy by J.R.R. Tolkien. This truly solidified his absolute infatuation with the fantasy adventure genre. Lorn’s other interest was music, and that is where his writing skill began. At the age of eight, he wrote his first song, and along with learning to play various instruments and becoming a recording artist, he continued to pen many songs for himself and other performers. After spending eight years in Nashville Tennessee, honing his writing craft, he found himself feeling confined in that style and decided to combine his dedication to the written word with his love of fantasy, and become an author of fiction.

The Balance Series - Book III - The Breaking ~ Cracked                                        by Lorn Wolf


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The Balance Series - Book III - The Breaking ~ Cracked

                                      by Lorn Wolf

The Balance Series - Book III

The Breaking ~ Cracked

By Lorn Wolf